Why it is Important to Integrating Into a Sustainable Lifestyle

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It’s time we start opening our eyes to recognize what’s happening before our eyes. With the current climate crisis and today’s pandemic, it is evident that we need to change our lives. If we don't change the way we live, we will not live to see the day we grow old and have kids. This is not even a problem of the UN or the government, this is a problem for everyone. We can’t afford to wait for the government, private sectors, or the UN to take the lead. We all, as a whole, need to make the change!   

While everything we know and do now is from the generation prior, we need to realize that our generation has a different role. Our parent’s generation took us far with technology and innovation but our generation is meant to make use of that in living a sustainable life, restructuring the world, and saving the planet. If we make it, we will be known in history as the heroes who saved the planet! It is only a matter of time until we are all aware of this role and take our place in history. If we do not accomplish this and get distracted with superficial social norms, we risk losing the planet. This role is massive! We hold in our hands the lives and future of all the animals, plants, trees, icebergs, water, and fellow humans out there. Instead of living in fear and ignorance, we need to wake up, step up to the plate, and recognize our power. Living a sustainable life holds the power for us to have a future. We hold in our lives the future generations to come. Our lives, in this generation, are not meant to be lived aimlessly or carelessly. We have a bigger purpose! This should be empowering for everyone! We should feel very important and special. We are living in a time that needs us the most. When we read about the heroes in our textbooks or even superheroes in comic books, this is our time when we can be like them. The heroes of today’s world! 

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Focus On What The Change Brings!

Instead of focusing on the discomfort of change, let’s focus the attention on how fun, lively, authentic, and healthy our lives will be. At this point, a lot of us are already unhappy, seeking purpose and happiness. But I guarantee you, living a sustainable life will do just that! You will absolutely be much happier if you live sustainably! 

It Starts With Listening to Your Body!

Let’s change the way we feel and interpret the words sustainable and healthy. If you dread hearing these words, try thinking of it like this. You won’t find happiness and meaning with drugs, unhealthy relationships, or useless things to show off. Start by looking from within. It really all starts with listening to your body! Stop using your brain so much with overthinking, judgment, and worry, and start by just recognizing how you feel. This is the first step to being healthy. It’s building a relationship and trust with your body. 

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Are you eating when you’re hungry and sleeping when you’re tired? Or are you forcing yourself and mixing it up? 
When you treat your body well, you are well on your way to treating the environment right as well!

When you begin to listen to your body, you’ll quickly realize all the distractions around you in the space you’re in. It’s hard to listen to your body when the clock keeps ticking and there are piles of mess on your desk. So I’m sure you’re going to want to clear that off to get it out the way and feel much better. When you have a clear space, you can have a clear mind. The best way to do this is to have a minimum amount of stuff exposed in your environment and have everything else stored away. Messy things remind you of all the unnecessary responsibilities, pressures, and expectations in your life which will only distract you from living a healthy life. Once you do this, you'll start to think like a minimalist. With a clear space around you, your emotions will also feel balanced. You can even try to avoid harsh colors and busy texts in your room since it can really evoke intense feelings subconsciously, causing unnecessary stress. Once you clear out your space, you’re going to feel a massive weight off your chest. You'll even realize how much unnecessary things are around you just sitting there. And once you're ready to admit it, you'll be ready to live sustainably and maybe even zero-waste.    


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